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CMM Calibration

CMM Calibration Services by Masters Precision

Masters Precision is a full service CMM distribution company. We are proud to offer fully accredited CMM calibration services on a variety of machines. Masters Precision is ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 accredited.
What is a CMM Calibration?
CMM calibration is the process of measuring a known standard and then making adjustments until the CMM meets the specifications required. Depending on the type of machine and controller used, adjustments can be done by mechanically adjusting the machine or by using software to compensate for measurement inaccuracy.

How often should we calibrate the CMM?
Most manufactures recommend having the machine calibrated annually. However, it is the responsibility of the machine user to determine the calibration frequency. This decision should be made with consideration of several factors. If your machine is located in a dirty environment with unstable temperature, you may want to move the calibration interval to 6 months. A clean environment with stable temperature and humidity, infrequent usage, and a history of few or no adjustments required during previous calibrations may justify extending the calibration cycle interval.

What does our standard CMM calibration include?

  • Remove and clean all machine covers
  • Clean all bearing ways and surface plate.
  • Inspect and clean all scales.
  • Inspect and clean all fan filters if necessary.
  • Verify correct air supply pressure.
  • Confirm and adjust the machine level.
  • Verify the machine repeatability.
  • Verify and adjust the Linear Accuracy of the X,Y & Z axes
  • Verify and adjust the XY, YZ and ZX squareness
  • Issue a Calibration Sticker and Certificate of Calibration

We offer CMM calibration services as well as CMM Repair services, CMM retrofits, CMM Probes and styli, CMM Programming and CMM Training.

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